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What are the Best Practices for Google Ads?

Best Practices for Google Ads – Getting results with Google Ads may get tricky at times. This is when you do not have hands-on experience with PPC or have limited exposure to online advertisements. This may be typically a case when you do it by yourself not taking help with a Google Ads services agency in Jaipur.

You may find it really annoying as you see your ads under performing and sending no clear signals on how to do it right. Well, this is the case with most of the businesses trying to crack results with Google Ads going with their own efforts.

Here, it’s always advisable to have the back of experts. But, if you wish to take your own road, you still have ways to limit risks and curb the chances of failing with advertising on Google. You can do this by adopting a prescribed set of ideal practices for running PPC Ads with Google.

Just pick on these expert-suggested practices and you will achieve success without going off the beam with Google Ads.

  1. Use The PPC Planning Template

The first and the most important way of doing this the right way is by having things organized and designated in the right manner. For this, you should follow a PPC planning template where you can keep your ad copies, creatives, captions, tags, campaign details, and ad groups managed in one place in a date-wise log. With this, you can keep it consistent and more under your control. More importantly, this is where you can easily track and keep their status updated so you don’t miss anything and there’s always a quick way to see what’s lying ahead and what’s already done and achieved.

  • Avoid Broad Keywords

As you choose to go with broad keywords you spend more on a diverse set of audiences. This gets you a diluted response which results in a low conversion rate. If you do not work on finding direct and focused keywords that are more likely to convert for your business you may end up spending higher on ads against the returns you get. So, look for keywords that are more specific to your business. This will have more chances of getting your target users to your page and getting the intended response from them. Do your research, check with keyword options, perform a pilot study, and put the ads through trial. This way you will assure yourself of having high-performing ads that convert.

  • Don’t Go Irrelevant With Your Ads

It’s a lot about how you plan your ads. If you have not selected the right theme and it is not being presented in the right manner and does not attract your users, all your efforts might go in vain. Your ad graphic, marketing copy, and caption should all be in close sync and support your message to impact and persuade your audiences to react to your communication. You can achieve more of this by looking around and taking inspiration from your competitors and top-performing ads in your segment. You may try optimizing it around design and get creative suggestions from your team. Creating multiple ads and running pilot campaigns can be of help to find that perfectly relevant ad that works with your audiences.

  • Improve Your Quality Score

The Quality Score (QS) of your Google Ad is based on different factors of user experience measured by Google to determine the advertising quality offered by the entire campaign and the creative assets and communication involved in it. So, the higher the quality score of your ads is, the better will be your ad placements. With better ad placements you mean more prominent and visible ad spots. This gets you to attract more audiences and you get more chances to convert. So, you should have Ad Quality Score optimization as a prioritized practice while working on Google Ads, so your efforts pay you back on the higher side!

Best Practices for Google Ads
smartphone with Google Ads on the screen and display notebook background. Ads is a service of contextual, basically, search advertising from Google. Moscow, Russia – August 25, 2019
  • Fill Out Every Field for Ad Placement

Google keeps adding changes to its ads servicing panel and feeds structure. With time it has released many ad creations and optimization options to allow users to have more control of their ads. Now, with Google Ads, you have more options to customize your ad and select options to make it work more as you want. You now have the option to go with Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) and can create options for Headlines and Descriptions and can have your ad content displayed in different combinations rendered by dynamic ad sets and sequences.

  • Optimize Your Ad Landing Page

As you design your campaign you need to work on the entire user experience, engagement, and acquisition plan across ends. Just like you optimize your ad banners and communication copies aiming to attract your audiences, you need to work on the landing experience at stretch. You need to optimize your landing page to provide your users with a smooth interface and glitch-free performance that is consistent across devices. The landing page content should be optimized with targeted keywords and its layout should have a consistent structure and intuitive flow that delivers a seamless landing experience to the users.

Best Practices for Google Ads
  • Use Every Relevant Ad Extension

While creating your PPC advertisements with Google you get options to add extensions to your adverts. This allows you to go beyond headlines, paths, and descriptions, and add extended details to the ad to enhance user experience. These can be done by adding relevant Ad Extensions that can help you enhance the ad’s presentation and communication adding more detailed and topical value to it. Some of the most used ad extensions for Google Ads are site links extensions, call extensions, structured snippets, and location extensions. As you select these from the extension check box list, you will see them placed as an extended part of your ads.

Final Words

Planning your Ads with Google, you would like to get sure with your approach and results. Here, you get help when you adopt best practices for Google Ads that are proofed and vouched by PPC Experts in Jaipur. While planning your Google Advertising campaigns, these seven practices are going to keep you on the right track and you get to have enhanced worth out of your campaigns. This is where you get to achieve better results with your Google Ads stints and reap higher returns against the invested money and efforts!

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