Give Tributes 1.5.7


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Give Tributes Features

The tributes plugin is feature rich, thoroughly documented, and well supported. Here is a breakdown of the various features of the plugin:

  • General Options
    • Easily enable or disable both eCards and Mail a Card features to suit your needs.
    • Quickly customize the contents of the Tributes field-set within your donation forms.
    • Customize how you describe the honoree.
    • Display tribute options with radio buttons, a select dropdown, or buttons.
    • You can easily override the global settings per donation form or only enable for certain donation forms.
  • eCards
    • Easily customize the eCard graphics and content.
    • Provide a personalized email subject line using template tags.
    • Easily send a test email of the eCard so you can preview how it looks within your own email client.
    • Allow donors to provide a personalized message to their honorees that is sent within the eCard.
    • Resend eCards with the click of a button.
    • Reporting provides in depth analysis for your executive team
  • Mail a Card
    • Portrait or Landscape? You have the power to decide which card works best for your brand and graphics.
    • Multiple card sizes available. Select the appropriate paper size for your printing needs. Support for Letter, A4, A5, and A6 page sizes.
    • Who send the card the Donor or Admin? Specify whether the donor or admin should be responsible for sending the card.
    • Customizable card content and graphics.
    • Easily generate and preview the PDFs printable cards with the click of a button.
    • Send notification emails that inform your donors you mailed their tribute card.
    • Allow donors to provide a personalized message to their honorees.
  • Reports and Exports
    • See which eCards have been mailed and as well as preview and resend the eCard email.
    • Review and manage which cards have been mailed and which have yet to be sent using the Mail a Card report.
    • Download an export of addresses for donors who gave in tribute and opted to mail a card.


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