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GPL Pulse –

Create any kind of form :
Contact form, quiz, booking, cost estimation, payment, survey …

The best backend system you’ve ever seen :
This plugin is a real and complete application running on your WordPress backend.
Its tons of tools and options and its clear, playful and intuitive interface will make your life easy !

Tons of useful components
Each available component can be fully customized thanks to the numerous options of the component edition panel.
Freely create sliders, selectable images & icons, checkbox, switchbox, buttons, maps, color pickers, layered images, custom content, shortcodes, text fields, number fields, date pickers, multiple file upload fields etc …

Drag & Drop step builder :
Easily create complex layouts by using the visual step builder tool. Manage your rows, columns and components, duplicate them in one click and freely place them by drag & drop.

Powerful multi-step system :
Create and manage your form steps from a unique & powerful visual step system : visually link your steps and define the wanted visibility conditions for each one.
This system allows you to easily create and visualize any complex form process.

Online payment :
Easily configure Paypal, Stripe and Razorpay online payment in your forms.
It can also use any Woocommerce payment gateway if the Woocommerce feature is used.

Custom calculations & Math logic :
Visually and easily define dynamic prices & quantities based on conditions for your forms elements thanks to its visual calculation system.

Distance calculations & itinerary :
Fill your Google Maps API key to be able to use map components, draw itinerary and use the distance between two addresses in your prices & quantity calculations.

Form creation wizard :
Its form creation wizard tool allows you to configure the main settings of your form in a few clicks.
It also comes with an awesome feature that allows you to simply upload an image (like your logo) to automatically predefine the colors of the form.

Running total & subscriptions :
The form automatically make the sum of all the selected items. It supports subscriptions, allowing you to freely define its frequency.
It can also give as result a single total cost + a recurring cost, even with payment options activated.

Tons of beautiful visual options :
Totally customize the styles, colors and effects of your form by using the tons of design options.

Form designer system :
This unique and powerful tool allows you to visually modify the styles of any element of your form.
It automatically generates the corresponding css rules and allows you to edit them.

Dynamic content system :
Use “Custom content” component to show the price/value/quantity of any element of the form in a custom text or html code.

Layered images component :
This unique component allows you to display several superimposed images, freely defining the visibility conditions of each of them.

Customers management :
View, edit all the customers data and visualize their orders from the different forms of your website.

Customer account system :
Allow your customers to log in their account page to be able to modify their data and view their orders.

Stored orders edition :
All orders are stored and editable directly from the plugin backend. CHange their status, their content then download them as PDF or send them to the customer by email directly from the order edition panel.

PDF files generation :
Allow your customers to download their quote in the form or send it to them by email once the form submitted, as quote or as invoice.

Prefill with GET variables :
Prefill the fields of your form with the GET parameters detected in the URL.

Send forms data to other software & services :
The values of the form can be sent to Zapier, allowing you to pass the data to any other software or service.
The contact information can also be directly send to MailChimp, MailPoet or GetReponse as soon as the step that contains the email field is completed.


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